Fork length..

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Re: Fork length..

Post by ogri on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:35 pm

Tilts wrote:Remember taking my KDX along Sarn for the first time..... Shocked

:bounce: affraid Smile


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Re: Fork length..

Post by Tilts on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:41 pm

phil990 wrote:
Tilts wrote:Thanks dude,

those sag settings are for full on racer's who jump and ride flat out..not quite our style. Very Happy

Dear Mr Tilts.
On the KTM you can not increase the sag to make it softer! The shock has two Pistons. You need as much travel as possible with just the one piston without the secondary piston coming into play. Set the sag to large and all you get is overdamping. Not sure where in the travel the second piston comes into play. Its called PDS. A lot of top people on the older bikes(before 2008) just used to run the PDS with one piston and a large KYB bump stop. Great in the woods but not so good on doubles...

I hope that makes sence. That is why evrybody keeps saying that rear sag and spring are critical on a PDS KTM, and not always what the book says...

Pistons? I thought susssie was governed by valves.. anyway, thanks for the sag is within ten mm, which im happy with, considering my size, if it dont bottom out she's good enough.

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