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    990 adventurer new wheels talon hubs



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    990 adventurer new wheels talon hubs

    Post by Leeexc on Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:59 am

    990 adventurer new wheels talon hubs

    I have just bought a pair of new wheels with black Talon hubs and black rims for a 990 adventurer, from what I can see they have never had tyres sprocket or discs fitted they are immaculate in fact so immaculate (got the opposite of OCD) I can not bring myself to use them off road.
    I am interested in doing a deal with a strightish but used pair of standard adventurer or super enduro wheels and some cash for my wheels.

    They also come with new sprocket/disc bolts spacers and cush drive.
    I am in staffordshire and will be at the big bike rally event at Brecon this weekend.

    Thanks Lee.

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