KTM 450 EXC oil/air filters

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KTM 450 EXC oil/air filters

Post by crm250dude on Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:17 am

Ok - so Ive had my (new to me) KTM 450 - and ive been riding it for about 20 minutes now ... so its time to change the oil and air filter ?

1st question - is this what I need (seems like 2 oil filters on my bike)
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2nd question - do i change the air filter? or just give it a good clean in petrol ?

and finally - loads of you lot have KTM 450's - and probably the oil filters fit other models...

If we got together and did a bulk buy / trade buy would we make a saving ?

we could all give our money to steve - and he could ride around and deliver them to us - YAY cheers
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