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    Registering a non reg bike

    Hopes Dad

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    Re: Registering a non reg bike

    Post by Hopes Dad on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:48 pm

    Time to get round to a plastic moulders & get some specials made then! Very Happy

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    Re: Registering a non reg bike

    Post by catuk on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:40 pm

    A friend ofmine has an injection moulding machine, cnc machines etc but it's cost prohibitive to do a small run. It's a few hundred quid just for a billet of aluminium.
    Sir Fallsalot

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    Re: Registering a non reg bike

    Post by Sir Fallsalot on Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:28 pm

    I've registered a trials bike about 6 years ago as said you need a certificate of newness from the who ever made the bike i had mine from gasgas uk
    Next is the MOT there is no such thing as a daytime MOT it is a standard MOT with an advisory on it saying no lights fitted at time of MOT i had nothing on it no speedo no horn no reflectors as i said nothing then theres the insurance bennets gave me a cover note for a month with no registration number they were the only ones i could find at the time that would do it and you only had a month to get it done so make sure your ready before you insure it
    The form you need to fill in i forget what it's called but any good bike shop would tell you as they use them all the time, at first the form looks a bit scary but all you have to fill in is your details the bikes details and theres a box there i think its something to do with the sva test you just put in there trials and enduro exempt
    I took all the paperwork to DVLA in Llanishen in cardiff handed it over to get it checked as i wasnt sure if it was all ok he dissapeared and i thought here we go but the guy came back a few minutes with a new MOT certificate now containing the registration number a tax disc and a form to allow you to get a numberplate made i think it cost me £68 and that included the road tax.
    No inspection of the bike as the MOT certificate was the proof that it was roadworthy
    I thought it was going to be so complex but it was easy.

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    Re: Registering a non reg bike

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