04 ktm 250 exc for sale

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04 ktm 250 exc for sale

Post by JimboTD5 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:31 pm

Here we have for sale my 2004 (53 plate) KTM 250 EXC in very good condition with very low miles/hours.
 Lovely bike runs faultlessly
Bombproof RFS single cam engine, I’m told the most reliable engines KTM has ever made!
Serviced regularly (only used for gentle greenlaning) using genuine KTM filter kits and Castrol oil, air filter cleaned with No toil oil
Hours: 40.4hrs
Miles: 814m
Just had:
-  New chain and sprockets (renthal sprockets and an RK chain 14-52 setup)
-  New EBC red stuff brake pads all round (the first new set it’s had to prove its hours are low, removed genuine brembo pads)
-  Front brake master cylinder rebuild using genuine brembo parts
-  New genuine KTM spark plug cap and spark plug
-  New smaller unbreakable numberplate
-  New LED stop/tail light bulb

Tires are Mitas, about half worn, but still plenty of life because Mitas tires last a long time
Washed thoroughly using a pressure washer, then sponge/brush and proper motorcycle cleaner (muc-off or equivalent) after every ride without fail, then every 2-3 rides I strip all the plastics off and give it a good clean underneath too.

Bad parts:

-   The decompression lever has been broken off by the previous owner, the cable is still there and you can pick up the lever and bracket for a few quid but I’ve never bothered because it’s never needed it to start it, it starts first time every time on the button. Most people remove them anyway because their not needed and fragile.
-   It does have the optional trip master switch fitted to the handlebars, which gives you the option to scroll through the computer to record lap times, avg. speed, max speed etc. but the switch is slightly damaged (from the same fall that broke the decompression lever I guess, I didn’t do it) it still works, but it has a mind of its own and starts scrolling through and starting lap times (not all the time, just once in a while) on its own, and was draining the battery so I disconnected it. I looked at replacing the switch but it was around £65 so I didn’t bother, you still see the hours and miles without it anyway, just not all the other data unless you reconnect the switch
-   I think the battery has had it; I will hopefully pick a new one up in the week if I get chance.


-   KTM quick release sump guard
-   UFO hand guards
-   Available at extra cost is the facelift headlight conversion, including 2 masks and the headlight unit itself which I bought 2nd hand a few weeks ago and haven’t got round to fitting it though. Makes the bike look more modern £30.
-  also at extra cost I have a front mud guard and a spare set of rad scoops off my father’s bike which would be ideal to put on rather than damage the original ones if you are prone to falling off! The scoops and the front mud guard for £25.
I think that’s everything, I’ve been as honest as I can be about the bike it really is a great bike and I will be sad to see it go, but I’ve just bought a newer 250 so it is no longer needed.
Looking for £1900 ONO
The bike isn’t kept at my home address so I need some notice to arrange to view the bike, but any viewing/inspection welcome you won’t be disappointed! I will require some form of deposit in order for anyone to test ride the bike though and proof of insurance.
I have lots of pics of the bike, I wont upload them all because my computers slow but if you require more I can email them to you no problem at all

Please note also, in some of the pictures the bike has an akropovic exhaust fitted, this will NOT be included in the sale and isn’t available for sale as I have transferred it to my new bike, the bike will have a very good condition standard exhaust fitted.

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Re: 04 ktm 250 exc for sale

Post by JimboTD5 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:33 pm

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